Last Reflections

The time has come for us to write final reflections being students of Computer Assisted Language Learning course. The semester is almost over.  Now i read my first reflections of the course, i can see that how much i was eager. İ thought this course was a good chance for me and i wanted to learn how can i use technology effectively. I was more than ever concious of my shortcomings about the computer.

Now i can see the progress easily. I’ve learned a lot of new things every week such as Prezi, Nicenet, Dokeos, Wiziq etc. I can use all of them in my classroom being an English teacher. I have a blog and it gives me a reason to write what i feel. Fortunately, i know how to make a website and to prepare a story book by using Story Jumper. Thanks to the CALL course and Sedat teacher i found a chance to use computer for educational purposes not just like Facebook, Twitter or Hocam. To be honest i am so pleased to take this course. 🙂

Twelfth Week – Weebly


This week we talked about Weebly. What is Weebly?

It is a brillant web building tool. It gives millions of people an easy and affordable way to create a web site and start a web site. It is ideal for personal photographers, personal websites, online stores… It is really easy to use. Moreover you can use Weebly for free. There isn’t time limit. I liked Weebly. And weebly is our final task for the CALL course. I believe that i can create easily my own web site by using it. Also teacher mentioned about a man whose name is Marc Prensky. I followed him on twitter. I realized that his writings includes his reviews about learning and education. He is best known as the inventor and popularizer of the terms ”digital natives” and ”digital immigrant”. He wrote and article about these terms. Our teacher mentioned about these terms and their features.

Firstly i want to share a quotation ” Our students have changed radically. Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach. ” announced by Prensky. He emhasized the importance of the biggest problem facing our educational system. He called the new students of today as Digital Natives. What means Digital Natives?   They are all ”native speakers” of the digital language of computers, video games and the internet. Digital natives are people who were born into digital world and grew up with technology. The other term is Digital immigrants. What means Digital immigrants? They are individuals who were not born into the digital world. They print out their e-mail messages, have a secretary to print out the messages  and print out a doc in order to exit. They have these features.

To sum up, this week we learned a lot of useful things. It was really beneficial course.

Eleventh Week – Podcasts

This week, we talked about Podcasts. First question is Podcast ? What does it mean?Firstly i wanna mention about the podcast word. The word is derived from pod + broadcasting and there are four types of podcasts. They are being used in higher education.

Second question is ” What is NPR?” It means “National Public Radio” or “No Purchase Required”. It is like American version of TRT. It can help students to improve listening and speaking skills. And teacher asked us ”Is there anyone who knows iTunes?” As far as i remember a few people said they have known about it. 

This week we have a task. We will record our voice and publish it on a website which was named Audioboo. It will be really funny, i think 🙂 The record will be about our failures. I have no idea what i’m going to talk about.. But i believe that it will be enjoyable like other tasks we completed 🙂


Tenth Week – Digital Storytelling and Story Jumper

This week we talked about two topics.

The first one is Digital Story Telling. We watched a short story about Teddy Stallard ( ) The story is so inspirational i think. Teacher asked us to prepare a digital story using Windows Movie Maker.  We have already known it because we used it Derya Erice’s course and it is being widely used in the classrooms. The second one is Story Jumper. We watched a video about it. It is really easy and i can make my story book by using it. We also purchase books that we liked.

We have two tasks for this week. Preparing them will be more enjoyable. The course is really useful and we learn a lot of things. I loved this week’s topics. They are really important for our future educational life. That’s all ..

Ninth Week

This week, unfortunately i couldn’t attend the course. But i heard something about the content of the course. It’s about social media. Facebook and Twitter are so familiar to us and they’re most popular ones. Firstly i am going to mention about Facebook. Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. I am a facebook user and i have been using Facebook for over seven years. I have noticed how useful it could be. I can share my pictures, videos and whatever i want and i can control how much information i want to share with whom. Sometimes i open Facebook to play games. I play Bubble witch saga daily, i prefer you to not play 🙂 It is bleeding game and you can be addicted easily. I think it is loss of time. But i don’t think that Facebook is for fun. There are a lot of groups for education. Elt groups are useful. People share a lot of useful information for us. 

Also, i am a Twitter user. I’ve been using it for over three years. It is micro blogging website,  it means blogging with limited words. You can share any kind of information, but only in 140 characters. I use it almost daily. Via Twitter, you can send your message to the whole world. and millions of people can hear your message. 

Of course, you know all the details about them and this is enough. I hope we can use them effectively in the future for education industry as English teachers. 🙂

Eight Week – Impressions about WizIQ :)

This week we have learned about WiZiQ.

It is free for everyone. You can join it if you want to teach or learn online. It enables teachers to reach millions of students around the world with their online courses. You can do online presentations via it. According to our teacher , using WiziQ in the classroom is unreasonable. This week while we are using it, we are really fun and motivated to the lesson. We use multiple whiteboards for writing on and we can communicate with each other easily with chat box.  It is an interesting platform for teachers and learners. I like it very much so I can suggest wiziq for learners. From now on I hope i will use it effectively inshaa Allaah 🙂

Seventh Week

This week we have learned a lot of things about online classrooms.

One of them is NICENET which is a free discussion forum. It can be used by all educators and educators can create, discuss and reflect on their ideas in this public classroom. Shy students who are reluctant to speak up in class, feel comfortable writing their opinions and replying to others. It provides many advantages such as being free and providing an easy way to communicate with other students and teachers.

The other one is dokeos which can be one of the most useful tools of web-based learning. It combines most of the tools such as forums and blogs. Teachers can create, manage and publish their courses through the web. Also students can follow courses and participate  actively through groups, forums .

I think both of them are useful for us. When we will be teachers, we will use online classrooms. CALL lesson is an advantage for us by getting information about e-learning and online classrooms.

Sixth Week – Prezi

This week we have learned Prezi and i like it so much. 🙂

Prezi is a presentation tool. Instead of slides full of text like a PowerPoint , divide it various slides. I think it’s cool. With Prezi, you don’t have to rely on a software. You can bring your presentation everywhere without worrying. This is an advantage for users. Another advantage; nobody likes boring presentations. With Prezi your audience may be more engaged with your presentation. They like it. It is very easy to use and i learned it quickly because it is really fun to use. Prezi or PowerPoint ? Of course i prefer Prezi and if you want to choose the right tool for your presentations, i suggest Prezi !


Fifth Week – Mobile Learning

This week we learned a lot of things such as pressreader, Skype, Edmodo, TED Talks, Twitter, Youtube, Dictionary-Merriam- Webster, Oxford Advanced Dictionary.. Teacher showed us their logos and i recognized seven of them. I use Edmodo, Twitter, Skype and more. But I haven’t got a smart phone so that i use my mobile phone only for communication. Even I haven’t got a smart one but i know the opportunities. In this technology world today, with the use of mobile devices learners can learn anywhere and at any time. Of course our students will use their cell phones in the classrooms. Some people may want to ban them from classrooms, but i disaggre. This is a new time in education. Using cell phones in the classroom can be a great tool. I hope we can use it effectively in our schools, our educational area. Lets work with digital age not against it. :))

Fourth Week

This week we learned about online groups such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo groups. As we know, people like getting together to talk. It has been happening for centuries in living rooms, restaurants, and cafes, But now it is happening online. Online groups are very popular. Using online groups provide people some advantages. Users can share their ideas with the group members. As a candidate teacher, we should know about online groups. When we will be English  teachers, we can easily create a group for our class and make it private so that only our students have to access to it. I want to mention my favourite group. I  am a member of ”Turkey ELT.” It has 7.575 members. Its members are mainly teachers and students like us. It features great resources for teachers and students in ELT. I love this group and i am one of its fans too. It is really useful group.